About LFS

Every school comes into existence with a great sense of mission & vision & takesgiant strides forward.

During that period, not only is the founder, dear to the members but also the goals that are set before them for the coming generations. The vision & mission statements became a guiding light and source of energy for the pioneers and for the coming generations. LFS School being a catholic missionary school has the Bible as the source from which springs forth its vision and mission statements.

In the early wake of 1953, the English speaking military personnel in Aurangabad began increasing considerably. A felt need arose & the authorities approached the Sisters of the Cross of Chavanod, to tutor their children in English. Later, they approached Rev. Fr. Joseph Bansode, a priest of the Diocese of Amravati & placed their request before him to open an English medium school. Thus under his able leadership, in the year 1953 the Little Flower School was born in premises of the military officer‘s club.

Initially, the school, was totally managed by the Sisters of the Cross for the diocese of Amravati. Rev. Sr. Gertrude Henriques SSC, the pioneer of the school, was a simple, angelic & gentle gem of Holy Cross Province. Her diction, accent, style and fluency in English was outstanding. She had a special charisma for the little ones. She took full charge of the Kinder Garten section, thereby, giving the pupils a strong foundation for an all-round development.