In the year 1956, the foundation of the new building of the Little Flower School was laid in the Cantonment area & the school saw the new day dawn, under the wise supervision of Rev. Fr. M.T. Thomas m.s.f.s. the then Vicar General of Amravati Diocese. He was a committed Religious, hard working, and selfless. His silent services spoke louder than words, wherever he worked, he left a lasting legacy worth emulating. The fruit of his labours are seen even to this day. He had the gift of converting a desert into an oasis. He was the Parish Priest of Aurangabad, Manager of Little Flower School and in charge of the construction of the building of St. Francis de Sales School on Jalna road.

Sr. Gertrude Henriques SSC handed over the baton to Sr. Marian Lobo SSC who graciously accepted this noble responsibility & left no stone unturned to raise the standard of the school, from good to better & better to best. The Sisters of the Cross continued & still continues to extend their supporting hand even to this day.

Just as ‘from a tiny acorn grows a mighty oak’, so has L.F.S.

In the year 1961, the great missionary Rev. Fr. Armindo Nazareth, msfs was entrusted with this gigantic mission of managing the entire school for the diocese. Fr. Armindo played numerous roles in a remarkable way. He maintained a healthy balance and equilibrium between administrative approach and human considerateness; between quest for excellence and minutest details; between yearning for silence and freedom of a spontaneous and innocent laughter.

Fr. Anthony Fernandes m.s.f.s. succeeded Fr. Armindo Nazareth in 1966. The reign of the school was later, passed on to the strong hands of Fr. D.C. Kamath, a diocesan priest, for a glorious period of 15 yrs. from 1967 to 1982,a man with absolute vision, foresight & incredible leadership. During this period, in 1977 the Diocese of Aurangabad was established by the Holy Father Pope Paul VI and the administration of Little Flower School and other educational, pastoral, social and medical institutions of Marathwada came under the Bishop of the diocese of Aurangabad. Fr. Michael D’souza succeeded Fr. D.C. Kamath in 1982 & served the institute till 1992 with total dedication & selfless service. During his tenure he felt the need of expanding the building as the number of students increased year by year.

Then a master plan was drawn, it was decided that the existing structure be demolished excluding a few classrooms on the south west corner of the present building, which are used for conducting classes for the pre - primary students. The new building would consist of airy, specious and bright classrooms and with all infrastructures. The task was begun with Fr. Michael D’Souza and during the time of Father Thomas Shingare, it reached its completion and we now have the present Little Flower School building. Fr. Leslie Rodridues continued the mission & after a span of one year, gently placed the school on the broad shoulders of Rev. Fr. Thomas Shingare in 1993. In March 1993 – 1994, the first batch of 35 students appeared for the S.S.C Board examination & came out in flying colours, securing 97.23% results. Fr. Thomas raised the standard of the school by leaps and bounds. On the 17th School with the sad demise of Fr. Thomas. Mrs. Nikhat Ali was appointed as H.M. (Incharge) until Fr. Walter Gonsalves took over as a Manager and Principal of School.

Thanks to the relentless efforts of Fr. Walter Gonsalves who geared himself up, to face challenges of the 21st classroom teaching –learning, D.N.A which inculcated scientific attitude and Memory Lab which was the first of its kind in Aurangabad.

Rev. Fr. Valerian Fernandes, a born educationist entered the arena in 2010 as Manager. With the zeal of an evangelist, he pursued the ideals and maintained the goals of the pioneering Fathers & Sisters. During the academic year 2010-2011 Mrs.Rosemary Fernandes was appointed as HM in-charge and in the year 2011-2012 Sr.Juliana Pinto from St. Charles Borromeo Congregation was the H.M. In June 2012, Rev. Fr. Dr. Benny Kallikatt took over as a Manager and Principal. He is in the office while the school is passing through its 60th Srs. Sujata Abraham S.H.S.P., Fatima Rodrigues SSC, Liza Joseph, Asmi , to this day continue to extend their valuable help in accomplishing the task of fulfilling the mission.

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