Students Speak

I am absolutely ecstatic that I could get the oppartunity to say a few things about the contribution of my dear school in the person that I am today and the suecess I have achieved although plain words are hardly going to sum it up.

When it comes to my fondest memaries, most of them have happened here in this school. Whether as a toddler my first day at school to this day it feels like a comletion of a journey, a voyage, a quest of knowledge. I have been guided by my dearest teachers right from holding a pencil to writing what I can write today. I have been blessed to get this school as my temple of knowledge for wordsa cannot describe nor can feelings do justice to it. It is a place where I learnt everything.

My teachers have truely been angels who taught me, encouraged me, supported me, made me recognize my talents and absalutely tolerating wher I faced any difficulty or couldnt gat some things right. My mother is also a teacher and to this dsay I still couldnt apprehend their greatness and the love in their hearts which they have for all the students.

Finally if I could say any more about the contribution of my school, I am confident becouse my school made me so.

I am compassionate because my school made me so.

If I am honest, its because my school made me so.

If I am a success, it is because my school helped me grow....

Nigarish Meer
Student of the
Year: 2015-16
Percentage - 96.80%
Highest Science - 100 Marks
Maths - 98 Marks